Structural Engineering

Experience in the Structural Engineering field covers almost the entire range of building types often on steep sites and with challenging geotechnical conditions. Sutherland has extensive deep basement, lateral support and piling design experience.

Civil Engineering

Sutherland's Civil Engineering experience encompass the provision of bulk services and bulk earthworks in preparation of building projects, as well as the provision of roads and infrastructure services surrounding buildings or for new residential townships. 3D modelling and design software is used extensively to optimise all earthworks and services designs as well as to provide accurate quantities and costings.

Mechanical Engineering

Sutherland has extensive experience in the areas of HVAC (air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation), sprinkler and rational fire design as well as hot and cold water reticulation and drainage design.  3D modelling, CAD and design software are used extensively to ensure that service co-ordination between the required utility and the structure is optimal.

**Green design principals such as grey and black water recycling and alternative energy sources etc. are employed where possible.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering services offered encompass MV/LV Electrical Installations, Generator and UPS power backups systems, lightning protection, security and access control as well as building management systems relating to Commercial, Retail, Residential and Data Centres.

Facade Engineering

Facade Engineering services include upfront consulting pertaining to building envelope design and performance strategies, comfort and sustainability modelling as well as the design of glazing and cladding systems.   Sutherland further provide specialist detail engineering to facade contractors.


Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Facade Engineering & more.

Depending on individual client requirements Sutherland can fulfill the role of Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or Facade Engineers or a combination of these disciplines.

The professional co-ordination of services both during the design development stage as well as during construction is obviously one large advantage of combining these services under one roof.